3D Wire Hand

Assignment description

  1. Choosing one or two of your Orthographic hand drawings
  2. Bringing to class one complete metal hand in three dimensional form.
  3. Extra credit; add an object, personal, symbolic et that can add meaning or enhance the story

Assignment process

  1. I chose hand number1 for my 3D wire hand.
  2. 2. This is my 3D wire hand.

3. I created a 3D spoon out of metal wire to combine with my 3D wire. This is symbolical to me as the spoon has the shape of a fish, this is because my favourite food is sushi.

What factors do you have to deal with in the three-dimensional piece that was not at issue in the two-dimensional drawing orthographic drawings?

For my orthographic drawing I only had to make the hand look three dimension from one point of view. Whereas for my 3D wire hand, it had to look three dimensional from all around every single angle.

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