Body Hybrid Project

  1. How do we relate to others and develop community?
  • Finding common interests. Eg;Fashion design.  
  • Smiling to people and making eye contact.
  • Asking questions about them.  
  • Keeping things positive.  
  • Show the person that I been listening to what was said.

         When how and why I feel connected/disconnected to someone?

  • Fashion is a way of communication. How people choose to wear is how they identify themselves. Every little decision eg; color, shape, size, brand, texture etc.,is made by themselves and that’s how they choose to be portrayed to the public. 
  • I feel disconnected to someone when the person tries to be nice with me but their facial expression clearly shows the opposite.


  What a “BODY HYBRID” looks like to me.

Initial sketches.

Further sketches while making the sculpture.


Color: I want to make the face light brown and add texture to it. For the first surfaces I will use black.

Shape: Face

Form: A human head

Scale: Real life

How does my body object that converts between feeling connected/disconnected or creates a space for connecting?

Her whole appearance shows her emotions which is a way of connecting. The face is emotionless but the hair shows her emotions which can involve anger, anxiety and agresivenes.

How will I combine two objects together to create a story?

As I explained earlier, I connect with people though fashion and I disconnect with people when true emotions are now shown. In this way, I combined connection and disconnection into my piece showing an emotionless face with a very fashionable hairstyle made out of fists surfaces.


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