Body Hybrid Casting Project#1

Artist Statement

For me, art is a way of expressing freedom. Art is feeling and believing things and telling people what you feel and believe. Art is colourful, but it can also be colorless. Art is opinion, beauty and everything we love.

The sculpture I made for my Body hybrid casting project represents when I feel disconnection with people around me. The whole piece of art evokes emotions I see human beings overcoming day by day such as anger, sandness, anxiety and helplessness. These are also emotions that I find I have to deal with. I transmit these ideas through connecting two body parts; the head and fist. The head, which symbolizes the mind, is the part that processes emotions and feelings and the fists represent the body and acts upon these ideas. 

I wanted to take my artwork into a higher level of understanding, texture is a key component in my art and I used it to enhance the sensations and emotions I am trying to transmit to a deeper and more internalized way than simply appreciating the visuals of my work. Adding texture in my art work will also make the viewers spend more time analysing these feelings. On top of the texture, I used acrylic on top of the tissue paper to highlight the roughness texture. The roughness texture symbolises the hardship and struggle of my subject to express and deal with her emotions. I used blue paint the stands for sadness and depression and I used a small amount of yellow that stands for happiness. As we can see the sadness exceeds the happiness in her face. 

In deeper meaning of my piece of art, I explore feminism. When we think of goddess sculptures we naturally imagine calm and peaceful women posing, very feminine. My art attacks that ideal in order to make art more realistic with humans true emotions shown to the public. In addition to that, sculpture itself has always been related to historical figures, I wanted to create a futuristic image in sculpture, leading sculpture to a different and new way.

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