Project #2: Foam Core Model and Wood Final piece

  • Mood Board

Fist concept attempt

  • Concept idea: Overcoming stress and developing
    • For my fan core model I’m going to make a piece that represents my stress in everyday life. I’m going to make lots of circles that say stop, to stop the stress.
  • Drawings
  • Foam board core model
  • Wood final piece documentation
  • Final piece

Artist Statement

  • For my Final Piece I made a square base with four rows representing four times of a day, breakfast, brunch time, lunch time and dinner, and seven columns to represent a week. There are Drill bills filling each day but they are at different levels. There are seven columns which represent a week. The different levels on each day represent the amount of stress and use of energy. I wanted to make my piece related to my last project which was about feeling trapped. In this project I also want to portray the way I feel trapped in terms of time.We can see how the level of the drill bill are lowing down but the nest day the stress comes back again.  The drill bills represent the stress I deal with everyday to meet my expectations no matter in class time or my free time. The level of the drill bills never go all the way down, which means that I’m always dealing with stress. The surface are on the drill bill is a circle and a line which is reminiscent of a Stop symbol, this shows how I want the stress to stop, but the stress is ongoing and it gets high again and this is how I portray feeling trapped in this piece. The flat board represents the work I have to do and the still bills are interfering my way. After finishing my final piece, I looked at my piece very thoroughly.  This piece also connects with me studying abroad in New York City, as the different level of drill bills are also reminiscent of the different heights of the skyscraper in New York City. A part from getting stressed to make my first idea, I found that most of my stress comes from me having to take care of myself, I don’t have my parents anymore to take care of me as I decided to study abroad. The stress never goes down but actually looking at this piece I think that having stress is a good thing, if I didn’t have stress that would mean Im not doing anything productive. Only when I’m trying to work hard and I am afraid to fail I get stresses and that is something I should do everyday.



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