Nature Journaling for Biomimicry: Entry 1

Exercise 1; Isolating the Senses.

What was noticed;

1.I hear an ambulane passing by. I can also hear a very condem noise of people talking. Mostly girls.

2. Cars passing by, there is traffic. The sky is greyish.

3. Windy, it’s a little bitcold eventhough there is sunlight.

5. I smell chicken, it might be from the nearby food cart.

Exercise 2; Walking through a “natural environment”. 

Location picked; Union Square Park.

Color picked; Green.


1. How often you find the color while exploring?

The color green was everywhere, not only in trees and grass, but also in the posters, subway station, bins, staff member’s clothes and more.

2. Can you detect a pattern in terms of its use? What similarities and differences do you notice in hue, saturation and variation. Is there any overlap between how color is used in nature and in design?

  •  There are different color saturations of green in plants as they differ in type.
  • There is a diffrent type of green used in bins, blinds and gates which match each other.These ones the saturation of green is darker, this might be use to differentiate the nature with the things that people can use such as the bins, otherwise it would be camuflated, people wouln’t find the bins and that would lead to waste ending up on the floor.
  • There is a different color green for staff memeber clothes. This kind of green is brighter and also differs from plants and trees. In this way people would be able to find staff members if there were any concerns in the park.

3. What is the color a result of? 

All the different types of green are trying to suggest a healthy and preserved environement while differentiating from each other for their own purposes.

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