Oko Farm Field Experience

  • Who does OKO Farms serve?

Oko Farms  is the first and largest aquaponics farm in New York City. It serves local communities like markets, restaurants who use or sell fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • How is OKO Farms culturally responsive to its local community?

Oko Farms is responsible to their community as they use aquaculture and hydroponics, called aquaponics, to raise freshwater fish with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Fish are feed and when they create waste which is full of nitrogen, a nutrient that helps plant growth, the water containing the waste is directed to water the plants which provides them with nutrients that helps them grow. In return, the plants filter all of the toxic waste from the water so that clean water is returned to the fish. This is a natural cycle which is sustainable and has no damage on the environment.

  • According to farmer Yemi, what are the benefits of aquafarming in urban areas?

Oko farms benefits urban areas as the constant cycling of nutrients via fish waste creates an extremely efficient recycling system that grows vegetables, herbs and flowers by avoiding the toxic environmental way of farming of current aquaculture practices. Regular farming includes the use of pesticides or other fertilizers that are chemically created, using them affects the environment as there are residues left at the microbacteria level that damages soil, hence that soil can not be used again. Oko farms does not use pesticides and the recurring cycle recycles water for plants and fish again and again. Another benefit is that it also produces oxygen and brings environmental awareness to their community, specially in places like New York were there is alot of pollution, this way of farming is very benefitial.

  • What are the other sources of food in the neighboring area?

There are a few CSA, Community Supported Agriculture around Brooklyn.

  1. ”Sweet Pea CSA in Brooklyn Heights is partnered with Garden of Eve Farm, a Long Island based family-owned organic farm that offers full and half vegetable, fruit, flower and egg.”
  2. ”Rustic Roots Delivery in Brooklyn is an organic home delivery with fish, grass fed meats, flowers and honey form local farms.”
  3. ”Crown Heights Brooklyn-based CSA, is distributing great organic vegetables from our farmer, Sang Lee Farms, who is based on Long Island.”
  • What do you think food sovereignty means?

Food sovereignty means the right for all people to be able to decide what they eat and to ensure that food in their community is ecologically, socially, economically, and culturally appropriate, it focuses on the way food is produced, traded  and consumed.

Photos of the trip.

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