Field Action: Community Organization Creative Partnership

Process Steps

  • 11/1/19
  1. Identify and reach out to the organization.
  • I chose the Organisation ‘Materials for the Arts’.
  • I visited the Organisation on 10/31.
  • Before meeting them, I saw their gallery.
  • They have a program called ‘Friends of Materials for the Arts, Artist-in-Residence’ which provides selected artists with workspace in the MFTA warehouse, as well as the opportunity to create and exhibit new work inspired by the ever-changing warehouse inventory and other recycled materials.
  1. Meet with or speak to a representative about your project.
  • I met with Dianna Mendez, the volunteer coordinator, who gave me her contact information.
  • Dianna told me the volunteer hours:Monday 10am-2pm, Wednesday 10am-2pm or 6pm to8pm and Friday 10am.2pm. She told me to email her the hours I would be coming so she could arrange work for me.
  • Dianne showed me the warehouse in which I would be working. At this time no one was inside as it wasn’t a volunteer day.
  1. Details of the organization, choice, and plan-of-action to create a timeline and editorial calendar.  An editorial calendar is basically a timeline of your project.

What am I going to do?

I am volunteering to work for the organisation to organise materials that are donated form other people.

How can I do it?

Dianne will arrange the work I’ll be doing when I send her my schedule.

When will I be doing it?

Friday November 8th: 11am-2pm (3 hours)

Monday November 11th: 12am-2pm (2 hours)

Total: 5 hours

Where will I do it?

I will be working at the warehouse shown in the pictures above, I won’t know in which section I will be working on as it depends on what materials are collected from donators at the day I volunteer.

  1. Volunteer with an organization. Proof of volunteer activity:
  1. Field Action project.


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