SleepWhale_ Final

SleepWhale is biofeedback machine that makes you release your pressure and sleep well. The machine has a pulse sensor bracelet which can test your pulse that will visualize your pulse wave into shapes of flower. The faster your heart beats the faster the flower will move. Try to slow down your breathe with the healing music. The music is related to the 7 chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, which represent the 7 places of body healing.

The video:


  1. coding on Arduino+ Processing (connect with a pulse sensor). Also, in Processing, I loaded the 7 chakras of music, in order to let people switch music with the 7 different color of buttons.

2.  soldering and closure

3. User test

(1) user test on classmates

(2) connect the code a button test

(3)majormajor show




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