Time Map

For my time map I decided to portray my physical and emotional life journey. I started by making a collage on A4 paper. Once I decided what will be shown on my real map I made a collage on mirror. The map shows me being born in Texas, moving to Russia, London and then New York. It also shows events that have had an emotional effect on me like Russian school, sentimental places in London and my parents divorce. To show this I used objects from each event, magazines and paper on mirror. These objects are receipts, my heart rate from the hospital, money and random objects I’ve collected throughout my life.
I chose to use mostly objects from each event in my life because I wanted this map to be more personal and meaningful. Each object used on this map has a certain memory or sentimental value attached to it which is what makes this such a personal time map.
The intention of the mirror is to show the present time as it shows exactly what is happening now. I chose the mirror as a background because I wanted to create a more conceptual as well as aesthetically please map. The mirror also connects the viewer to my map.

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