Museum of Moving Image – Reflection

During my visit to the museum I found the most interesting part to be the sound section. The Titanic video was interesting because it really made me realize the importance of sound in a movie or show. As the guide added new layers of sound to the scene the scene became much more powerful and with each layer it had a stronger effect on the audience.
I found it interesting to what extent music plays a role in movies because of how much more dimension it added to the scene. Although I noticed that before this really drew my attention to the role of music in movies. It was interesting to me how much detail goes into a soundtrack. Even tho the scene was only a few minutes there were so many layers of sound and it made me think about the time it takes to create and entire movie or show. I also found the different techniques used to create sounds interesting. For example the way they used an elephant sound to imitate the sound of a piece of the Titanic falling into the water.
I also found the room with all the costumes and props from famous movies interesting. For example the Nightmare on Elm Street sweater and the model of Blade Runner set. It was interesting to see how much costumes, sets and cameras have changed over time and how these techniques have developed.
This exhibition was very eye-opening to me as it made me realize how much work goes into creating a moving image. Not just in relation to sound, but also lighting, the set and the techniques used to create the moving image itself.

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