Bridge 2

Bridge 2
Found Poem:
The general public fears not being given the opportunity.
Struggles people have,
Concerning gender roles.
Understand mental illnesses
Through my emotions
I fell in love

Artist Statement:

Elliot is a conceptual artist from New Jersey. He began creating art pieces at young age and fell in love with the process of making. His passion for creating art lead him to Parsons. His goal as an artist is for people to be able to relate and understand his work.
Inspired by Tracy Emin, who is a known for her autobiographical and confessional work, Elliot work with themes concerning gender roles and mental illness. He channels his own emotions and struggles in life as well as other peoples life expriences. Elliot works with a variety of mediums such as textiles, sewing and embroidery. These mediums contribute to the conceptual meaning of his work as throughout history these weren’t seen as legitimate art forms. By working with these materials Elliot is rejecting the patriarchal societal norms in fine art.
Creating art for Elliot is a very cathartic process which is why his work has such an emotional and raw quality to it. Trough making art he is able to work through his emotions, the events, struggles, trials and tribulations that are going on in his life.