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Juanli Carrion – Studio Visit: IS2


Opus 2012: 

If the opera was sung in English or Spanish would the audio element of the performance piece still have the same level of quality? 

Outer Seed Shadow: 

As this is a public art, how do you expect the audience who is unaware of its intention to perceive it? 


How do you successfully capture and recreate an environment within an installation piece? 

Building the Never-ending Ruin of the World: 

How has the idea of memory changed due to the “virtual era” 


How does the backdrop create an alternate reality? 


What does this imaginary city say about our current society at large? 


How does this work challenge the way we think about nature and natural monuments? 


How does the language used in these public interventions effect the overall quality of the work? How is this distinguishable from regular text seen on the streets throughout cities? 

Atlas Shrugged: 

How does the medium chosen successfully support the context of a dystopian world? 


Since food is something that brings people together why is not used more often in the context of art and protest? 

IS2: Bridge 2 Final

  1. My topic is gender and power. I began my diptychs working with a single image of the Queen. I then created a larger series featuring the Queen, but this time it was the UK banknotes which feature her. After these diptychs I decided to expand on the idea of gender and power. I liked my idea about money and the faces on it as well therefore I combined the two. The final outcome was 2 diptychs, one plexi, one mirror. These diptychs each had one panel featuring the US currency which all feature only men on them. The other panel had a collection of banknotes from all around the world that feature women. Through these iterations my topic evolved into a larger discussion about gender, power and misogyny in the US.
  2. I explored materials such as marker, paint, gold leaf and plastic. I also attempted to explore silk screen. The material I found was most successful in supporting my work was the mirrored plastic as it added another dimension to the piece making it an installation piece. The gold leaf was also successful as it exaggerated the idea of power, opulence and wealth in my diptychs featuring the Queen
  3. The markers were not successful at supporting my topic as it added no other meaning to the piece.

My topic touches upon a large variety of contexts. While the majority of the content in my diptychs is an exploration of history specifically monarchy. It can also be interpreted as an exploration of pop culture as the Queen has been used as almost a kitschy symbol in punk music, she has been painted by pop artists such as Andy Warhol and her life has been made into a TV series. I also explored politics through my use of banknotes in my pieces. Through the use of currency I also explored economics. By using banknotes, a daily object in the life of most people, I connected my topic to contemporary culture and consumerism. It is difficult for me to point out exactly what context my topic as a part of as it connects to such a variety of issues.

Bridge 1 part 2

Digitized version of Rene Magritte’s Art of Living

What is the content of your artwork and how does it relate to your theme?

My art work is a digitized version of a painting by Rene Magritte. This piece relates to my theme of gender due to the highly masculine symbolism behind the suit, a symbol of male authority and status. While the suit tells us that this is a man in the piece the face on the circle is somewhat more feminine in my opinion which creates an interesting dialogue about gender.

How does the material you used reinforce or strengthen the thematic content of your artwork?

I chose to make my piece digitally. This allowed me to have a wider selection of colors which I carefully selected. These colors in my opinion are typically considered more feminine which I used as a way to create contrast between the masculine imagery. I believe making the piece digitally also made the work more modern which as a result comments on contemporary perception of gender.

If your artwork is to be placed into the general circulation of Visual Culture, where would it go, what would it do, who would see it and where might it end up?

I think this piece would be interesting if it was printed on a large billboard like Felix Gonzales. Because it is digital this allows for the work to be printed or placed in a large variety of locations including online.