Elements_Anomaly, Elements_Contrast

Elements_Anomaly, Elements_Contrast

Art has been the expression of creators. It has never been a tool of any sorts. I think these elements we learned from the first class, can solely be an expression, by this I mean, we can create art with only using one element, and sometimes using only one color. We were asked to use only rectangles, ellipses, and triangles, and only use white and black. And after reading our assignment description, first two things came up to my mind is minimalism and series of artworks called *”Where, as what, we will meet again.” by Kim Hwan Ghi.


Series_Imperfection in pefection


Series_Imperfection in perfection_II, III (Elements_Anomaly)

Series_Imperfection in perfection represents an anomaly. This series is inspired by the view from my apartment. It is my second week in New York and every time I look at the Empire States Building from my room, it makes me wonder. Because if you see the Empire States Building from a distance it looks perfect, straight lines and windows, but if you look from a closer distance, since I live right in front of it, you can see all imperfections. Stains, unorganized rooms in the building. This series represents those imperfections and ask us if those imperfections a good thing or should we keep try to be perfect.



Series_Imperfection in perfection_III_Segregation

Acrylic on .005mm Matte Film

This piece is one of the Series_Imperfection in perfection. Straight lines resemble buildings in Midtown, Manhattan, and imperfection, or anomaly, represents human living in there. Rooms in a building look all similar, but human living in there is all different. The film is translucent, so if it is on white wall or paper, the uncolored part will look white and if it is on a blue wall or paper, the uncolored part will look blue. This represents inconsistency of people living in the building.


Series_Imperfection in perfection_II_Intergration

Acrylic on .005mm Matte Film

The difference between II and III is that II represent more of subconscious, by making lines less perfect, it suggests that thought many of the buildings look perfect in distance, but if we look at them in the closer distance they are full of flaws -that is both from the construction and after the construction. This effect was made by making lines stained.






Series_Imperfection in perfection_II, III on the window


Series_Imperfection in perfection_II on the window


Series_Imperfection in perfection_III on the window


Series_Imperfection in perfection_II anomaly


Series_Imperfection in perfection_III anomaly


Series_Imperfection in perfection_II on white


Series_Imperfection in perfection_III on white





Inconsistency (Elements_Contrast)

Acrylic on .005mm Matte Film

Element used on this piece is contrast. In a shallow way, it can be representing the contrast between black and white, but it can also represent the contrast between consistency and inconsistency. The black part which is not translucent represents consistency, in instance buildings, and the white part which is translucent represents inconsistency, in instance tenants of buildings. In a way, it represents windows of buildings and in another way, it can also represent our conscious and subconscious.


Inconsistency in detail


Inconsistency in detail


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