Gestalt Theory: Proximity, Closure

Gestalt Theory

Gestalt White

Proximity_Black leaves in my black mouth_I


Proximity_Black leaves in my black mouth_II

Gestalt Reve

Proximity_Black leaves in my black mouth_III

Series_Proximity_Black leaves in my black mouth

This series is created based on the poem I wrote. I made this poem, which is written in English, into braille form. Letter by itself is meaningless but when it is put together it makes art. We see these letters a lot but we tend not to appreciate them as we should. Creators, almost always, use letters in any form, whether it is the name of the painting or sculpture or contents of literature. I also transformed the form of letters to shapes, that is designed for those who cannot enjoy visual appreciations. I made this by Adobe Illustrator by aligning lines of *full cells and deleting each circle. This is uncompressed, US standard braille if I haven’t made any mistake. It was time-consuming work since I have to translate over 450 words, one by one.

*Full cell : The full cell is a term in braille, which is used to describe braille with all six circles.


beat poem


Closure_Triangle in black words

I simply took the proximity and made it into the closure.


Proximity and Closure: Tower Metro 1

This piece represents every stop of New York City’s Metro line 1 and connecting lines of each stop.ThisI resembles a shape of a tower.

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