Int. Studio: Spill Sheets, Partnered Intervention

This project is constructed with two series, Series_Quand la solitude te ronge and Series_Equal loves. Both are focused on metaphor rather than aesthetic beauty. Some might be offended by these series, but it is not my responsibility to consider those.


Spill Sheets




Series_Quand la solitude te ronge

This series is representing our honest side. No one likes to reveal their dark or sad side, especially in this particular society called America. We all have solitude.

Series_Quand la solitude te ronge_Inutile

Multi Media on Bristol Paper

Useless, we are useless. Our lives are useless.What are we living for? None can answer that question. Do we live to reproduce? Why do we reproduce? If our sole reason to live is to reproduce what is the reason to do that?


Series_Quand la solitude te ronge_Deep Sea

Multi Media on Watercolor Board

Fishes are caught because they couldn’t resist the bait. So do human, we expect the ideal; we compare ourselves to others; we cannot resist the better. We will someday swallow the bait and will be caught.

Series_Quand la solitude te ronge_Solitude

Multi Media on Watercolor board

This piece is representing derision we encounter for being who we are. We are living in a so-called colorful society, where different colors supposed to be accepted and respected. People think they are being themselves and that they are free, but in fact, we are brainwashed and educated to classify ourselves and put ourselves in a specific frame that is socially appropriate. Our society makes a mold. A mold that is “right”.



Series_Equal loves

This series is created in an attempt to promote feminism. This is cliché and I fully understand that. But think feminism in art is outdated is extremely dangerous and idiotic. Feminism movement is not yet finished. We still have gender discriminations.


Series_Equal loves_Virgin

Multi Media on Watercolor Board

This is about our society. Women are called sluts when they enjoy sexual relationships with multiple people, but men aren’t. For instance, a woman who slept with all football players in her school is called slut but a man who slept with all cheerleaders in his school is called rockstar. There is gender discrimination in this example too. I, or this example, classified football players all male and cheerleaders all female. As seen here, gender inequality exists everywhere and anywhere.


Series_Equal loves_Bruised Igo

Multi Media on Bristol Paper

I was shocked once I heard a testimony from a rape victim. She was telling me that she was asked what clothes was she wearing for investigation. The clothes she was wearing should not matter. We all have right to wear any clothes we want. We have right to expose our nudity. Nude should not be a sexual thing and no one should interpret nudity as a permission of sexual harassment. We cannot condemn anyone for their clothing. We should condemn those who misinterpreted and committed heinous evil crime.


Series_Equal loves_Pornographic Love

Multi Media on Bristol Paper

Sex should not be an inappropriate thing. It is the most saint and marvelous act we can do. It creates life. This sick society interprets those saint act as something we should be quite about and impose us. No one should think sex as something we should hide from the underaged.

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