Int. Studio & Sem. : Bridge 2 Part 2 Streamliner Meat Slicer (c. 1940)

This is a meat slicer. To be specific, this is a Streamliner Meat Slicer by Hobart Manufacturing Company. It is made out of aluminum, steel, and rubber. It has a satin-like finish; it is plausible that it has sand-blown finish. The construction has curves, yet it has very edgy appearance. And it is join by pretty accessible joints, which makes it easier to repair and which never happened in 21st century.



  1. Who was this targeted for? Was it industrial? Or was it used by normal family?
  2. How was this advertised as?
  3. Why does it has rather less masculine appearance while butcher was considered masculine work at the time and until now.
  4. How much was the price? How much is it now after figuring the factors (inflation, /median earnings ratio, and others)
  5. Where was it produced? Does it have different foot print than today’s kitchen appliance?
  6. By whom was it produced? Does it have certain race profile or gender profile?
  7. How could it be repaired? Could it be repaired at home?
  8. How long was it for sale for?
  9. Why was this so significant to take a place in highly valued estate today?
  10. Can it be used to homicide?

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