Final Project Concept


1) What will you make and why?

I’ll be making a pen that uses any India ink or pen ink. I felt it is wasteful to buy refill ink that are in plastic containers.


2)  In what ways will this object be useful to YOU over 50 years of change?

As I will be using copper pipe, it will grow patina that will only complement the design. Also as I will be using tmost universal system; repair and replacement will be easy. (


3) What specific event(s) of environmental change will it help you navigate?

EPA says Americans dispose 1.6 billion pens a year( that is about 50 pens a year. It will save 2500 pens over 50 years. If we calculate based on BIC brand ball point pen, which falls in a lighter spectrum in average, it will save more than 14.5 kilograms of plastic(or about 32 lbs).



4) How will it be resilient (use of materials, used in more than one way etc.) and/or encourage social resiliency through its usage ?

Pen or any writing instrument will be necessary for people in emergent circumstance.


5) Is it designed for a particular place? (New York, your hometown etc.)

Design is for particular region. Below is base sketch of the design and solutions.


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