Revisiting 2017 Spring

Revisiting Semester


I am majoring in Fashion Design; but my works are not and will never be restricted to fashion, but I explore in photography, film, painting, sculptures and others. I try to talk about what others try to remain silence and what majority disagrees.


I had much stressful semester and many mistakes I once regretted; but now I think I learned a lot form those incidents and I believe one day will pay me back. For all my works I have an annual theme and for the last year, it was “Quand la solitude te ronge” which translates to “When solitude gnaws at me”. But this year I choose something rather heavier and complicated one “Death”. Due to the complexity I experimented with something I haven’t done before and I sometimes overcomplicated my works. But again I do not regret now as I am satisfied with many of my works. One thing that I should say, which might sound like justification, is that I learned that though higher grades can mean I am professional but if there is no work ethic there is no point. That was what I have believed and pursued over the semester. One thing that I am unsatisfied is my writings; last year my writing course was more fitted for myself as they were very “creative”. But this year they were much scholarly, which I had to cater myself to certain form and ideas. I learned how social appropriation is important as, after all, I am writing for this very distinctive culture of The New School.  But I did learn a lot from it. I learned that organizing skills are essential to keep up with intensive learning process.


Highlight 1 Square

This is my Time: Embodied class this talks about recent election in South Korea(5/9/17) and comments on Square Democracy. It was shoot with Leica M Monochrom(which shoots in Black and White) I made the plaster ballot box and destroyed it to express my interpretation of recent incidents in my country.


Highlight 2 Send Nudes

This is for my Int. Sem and Stu II: Fashion class; I made a graphic art containing bank statement and dollar bill. I felt in modern world, people’s status symbols are being used as a tool to show there bank statements to others; defining themselves. I find this very perverted thus I created the phrase “Send Nudes” out of The United States of America. It was than printed on a special transfer paper and transfer one to leather jacket that was made by Gucci.

For my works in and outside of the school, I would crumble many ideas in to very abstracted form which I think was great. I would not care much about readers’ or audiences’ interpretations. But this semester has taught me the importance of those interpretations.


I planned everything ambitiously; but my organizing skills have not caught up to those ambiguities which resulted me with bad grades. I would like to continue this ambition; not compromising to accustom to my organizing skills but enhancing my organizing skills to keep up with my ambition.


As for my Int. Seminar specifically; I learned how to write in scholarly manner and I believe I also learned how to organize my writing. Writing style of America is very different from it of my culture; so I had much difficulties accustoming to it.


With gratitude for all the education and generosity given by Eric D Wilson; hope the best.

Yeong Jin CHOI

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