Final Research Project

These two garments are created to simbolize the class differentiation of today. How garments are being used as more of status simbol.





This piece talks about how materials and structures restricts it wearer. I once came across with a garment which said “do not wash”. Those kinds of garments cannot be worn by working class people who has to do physical labors. I made this very tite and small top and shorts with velvet which has to be dry cleaned and add more fragility by adding structure using cotton balls(which is white and had been used only by upper class as was nearly impossible to wash when got dirt) with black pigments(which was very expensive as of the time of sumptuary law 14c-16c).




I felt the so called status symbol very perverted and felt like what people really wants to show is their bank statement. So I made this digital collague which dollar bill is layered on top of bank statement of whose asset values over ten million dollars. The dollar bill has been fabricated to say “Send Nudes”. Then I transferred it over Gucci leather jacket. Also there is men’s skirt with ruler.

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