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30 * 40/ Plaster Sculpture

I took an alternative trip as I could not make it to the circle line. I took Staten Island Ferry during night to observe light pollution of New York. This project was inspired from the one I did for Centtoto Gallery’s “NOMENCoLorATURE II” show, where I replicated the sky of New York filled with artificial lights. I went on a ferry with video camera and captured the light coming from the land while on complete darkness.

– Compared to what you saw when walking, what can you see and sense from the boat?

It was surely amazing to see the radical difference of land and water. While on a boat I found that the water was so deep and dark and almost felt like the city is cracking the bedrock, or the ground of NYC.

– What areas appear to be vulnerable to coastal flooding?

While taking a boat I found that both Lower Manhattan and Staten Island is standing not much above from the sea level. And I also felt that the city is taking much effort to rebuild but it focuses on rebuilding in hurry not concerning much about remaking the city in a way to prevent future damages from similar or worse incidents like hurricane Sandy.

– Are any effects of Hurricane Sandy visible?

I could not see the difference as I first came here after the hurricane. But recently I had hard time commuting on L train as they often did not operate. I also felt that when L train stops for construction in 2019, many people would be directly affected as the alternative transportation is not reliable.

– What kind of systems do you see interacting (people, water, boats, etc)?

At the ferry station, I found that many were using it to commute between the city and the island. Ferry stations are naturally vulnerable as for their geological location.

– Does New York seem prepared for the next storm?

I want to believe that New York is prepared; but one thing for sure is that when such incidents happens again New York should not gentrify its city. I primarily use N,Q,R and L; N,Q, and R which goes to Chelsea, Time Square, has relatively reliable service and was first to be rebuilt. L one the other hand which goes to West Side and East Village to Brooklyn and Queens seems not to be taken care of as much as N,Q, and R. Two services serve two different demographics and income level.


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