Buckminster Fuller: Remembered Permit

The dome or “a dome-like” structure was created by Fuller for an exposition. It used thin metal joinery which needed constant maintenance; as like many other use specified constructions as the exposition ended the dome was left unused. It was then bought by railroad company who was not interested in the dome but the location and rails on the site. And an year before it was planned to be registered in National Registry of Historic Place, the owner filed a demolition permit and was demolished after $170 fee. As like many other construction, it was destroyed and we moved on. I strongly feel that art should be given the respect and conservation it deserves and we should monitor the destruction of our culture. Those constructions will one day be profitable and priceless as we can see from many European regions where the province’s economy depends on its tourism to see those constructions. Is it expensive to maintain Colosseum, of course it would cost multiple times more than what it cost to maintain modern high-rise. But as it holds priceless value and create profits they Italy is spending fortunes to do so.

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