First Time Project

For my first project I got inspired on Bruce Nauman’s style of using text to represent time and make a statement. In his artwork “Live and Die” he represents time by writing actions following with the words “live” or  “die” stating the different things a human does in his lifetime from birth to death. From this I got the idea of writing the actions and thoughts I have in a 24 hour period in the shape of my face.

Live and Die – Bruce Nauman


For the first project in Time: Embodied, titled “Time Map” we had to demonstrate time in any form of visual art with any media of our choosing. The first step to complete this project was recording a journal with all the activities, thoughts, or feelings that occurred in a 24 hour period. After recording my 24 hours, I decided to create a photoshop image of my face using the words that more stood up in my day as an outline. The first layer in my photoshop plane was a picture of my face which in the second layer I outlined with the pen tool. In the subsequent layers I just started adding the words recorded on my journal in the places of my face were they most made sense. Starting with my hair and face, I placed all routines and thoughts, in the brows and eyes I placed the words that were related on how I wanted to look, in the nose I wrote about my meditation, in the mouth everything that went in and out of it, and in the ears the sounds I heard throughout the day. I chose red as the color of the text because the color red increases the blood pressure in humans, causing them less anxiety and more hunger: two things that really stand up in my day to day. The end result of the project was very successful and aesthetically pleasing. Even though we had a short amount of time to complete this project I still feel I managed to create a piece that represented time and myself as an artist.

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