The Mysterious Landscapes Of Hercules Segers

The Two Trees(An Alder and an Ash) is an etching of two trees on a green and pink background. The trees are distinctively different in nature and style, the tree on the right has darker, thicker, fuller and heavier impressions than the tree on the left. The tree on the left is recognizable to be the Ash tree due to its lightly pattering. I found this piece to be intriguing in its quality, I find the work to be balanced. The two different trees are balanced placed on a light background of hues of pinks and greens. I find this piece to have a strong element of figure-ground personally, to me the background and negative space between the trees are just as interesting as the detailed trees themselves.

River valley is an oil painting on a panel of a landscape of what appears to be a river surrounded by mountains. The painter creates a sense if depth and distance in the use of lines and light source. The incorporation of color and variety of brushstroke creates texture and form. The painting works the way it does in successfully placing and distributing the light source, coming from the top right, highlighting flat and top surfaces and creates shadows. I find this painting personally intriguing because it was one of the few works displayed in the exhibition in color and paint. I chose this one particularly because the longer you stare and color you get, detail and textures reveal themselves.  I appreciated the use of earthly tones in creating a beautiful natural landscape and making individual connections between the people and land.

 Roman Ruins is an etching of brick walls and buildings surrounded by trees and plants, accompanied by a river leading the eye towards a city skyline. The etching works by creating great detail in incorporating a variety of patterns and tones to make the elements or forms of the piece distinguishable. The variety of dark and light lines creates an illusion of texture and distance. Each element or form is assigned an individual pattern in creating unique textures. I find this piece to be intriguing personally, because of the incorporation of architecture in a natural landscape. I also acknowledge and appreciate the way that the lines create an illusion of movement, causing the eye to travel throughout the etching.

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