Climate Change Hometown Profile: Long Island, New York

Where Am I From?

  • Long Island, New York
  • Surrounded by water
    • Long Island Sound
    • Atlantic Ocean


  • NYS average temperature has risen 1°F – 3°F in the last century
  • Sea is rising about one inch every 10 years
  • Amount of CO2 has risen 40% since the late 1700s
  • Heavy rainstorms will recur more often

(Source:; Aug 2016)

Climate Hazards

  • Inundation- rise in water level
  • Rain Storms- increased humidity in the air
  • Coastal Erosion- rise in water level
  • Heat Waves- increased temperature
  • Natural Disasters- range of causes depending on kind of disaster
  • Problematic Effects on Agriculture- increased temperature

(Source:; 2016)

Potential Water Lever Elevation- as of Apr. 2016

Today- 0 feet

100 to 300 Years- 5 feet

Year 2300- 12 feet

Upcoming Centuries- 25 feet

(Source: The New York Times; 2016)


  • Social Attributes
    • Flooding and loss of coastal homes
      • Increases home insurance premiums.
      • Affecting day to day lives and economy
      • Small initial effect, but large final result
    • Increase in heat may bring about new diseases, affecting human health and well being. (Source:
  • Physical Attributes
    • Makes living spaces smaller, forcing more people into smaller plots of land.
    • Pollution of all water
      • Flooding will lead to sewer overflows, which eventually all leads back to the bodies of water and to our drinking water. (Source:
    • Rise in water will disrupt ecosystems, leading to the eventual extinction of species
  • Economic Attributes
    • Increased chance of flood will cause an increase in flood insurance premiums.
    • Destruction of coastal businesses
      • Ex. Increase in rain will result in less snow, especially Upstate New York. Affects winter recreation businesses, then economy, and then people’s lives and costs of living. (Source:

Local Adaptive Capacities

  • People don’t feel the need to act because climate change is not affecting their lives gravely in the present moment

  • Organizations and groups whose goal is slowing down the effects of climate change.
  • Laws and reforms that aid in the conservation of the Earth
  • Rallies, protests, marches


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