Mythical Systems and Disruptive Strategies

Part 1– The objective of this assignment is to use your imagination to generate your own story about what it means to be in a ‘Social Emergency’. This is an opportunity to go back to analyze all the research that you have done so far in each assignment, and channel it into a narrative or a set of narratives.

Exercise- Think of the issue that you are working with and the research that you have done so far. If this situation turned into a social emergency, what would it look like? Create a fictional story of this social emergency from any perspective of your choice. Build up and be deeply informed by your previous assignments- taxonomical grouping, relational and counter mapping, prezi scaling, data visualization and interview.

Part 2– The objective of this part is to start thinking about how your own strategies could begin to evolve from the investigation into your issues and story.

Exercise- Pick three projects that inspire you. Think about what drew you towards them. What are the systems and strategies that the projects are dealing with and responding to? How you can use these ideas to develop your own strategy?

  1. Mary Mattingly, “Wetland”:
  2. The Institute for Figuring (The Wertheim Sisters), “Crochet Coral Reef”:
  3. Marisa Jahn, ”Nannyvan”:

The system that the Wetland project and the Crochet Coral Reef are focused on is environmental crises and they both use art to bring attention to their issue. The Nannyvan is focused on labor rights and it uses technology as a strategy to voice its social issue. I can use these ideas to develop my strategy by using art as a medium rather than using traditional routes, such as petitions, protests, or speeches.

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