Plan of Action

Week 10: 4/3

  • Plan of Action due
  • Meeting with Masoom regarding PoA


Week 11: 4/10

  • Survey commuters on ideas about having fares based on income
  • Research and find citizen responses to MTA price changes
  • Research familial incomes and budgets
  • Work on business plan


Week 12: 4/17

  • Complete half of business plan
  • Receive input on flaws in business plan
  • Research how community feels that fare problems should be fixed


Week 13: 4/24

  • Make adjustments to first business prototype
  • Continue to work on business plan
  • Do more research if necessary


Week 14: 5/1

  • Final business plan due
  • Ready to present



Who is my audience?

  • commuters (students, working class, tourists)


How does the project connect to at least one other person in the class?

  • It connects to Keanna’s because we’re both focusing on access and the MTA.


What are the values, mission and vision of your project?

  • My mission is to create a business plan for a cheaper form of transportation.


What other resources do you need and how will you get it? Camera? Booking a room? Need to access archives? Need to make an appointment?

  • I’m going to have to interview people and create surveys to gain feedback.


What is my final project going to be?

  • It’s going to be a bus that has a dual purpose; one being a cheaper form of transportation and the other being a bus for rent for people in the fashion industry to use as a means of transportation or a space for work. For the everyday people, the bus will be based on a membership that is based on a family’s income. For the people in the fashion industry, the bus will be available through rent and the inside of it will convert into spaces for them to use. For example, there will be pull out racks and fold out tables for them to work on.

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