Reading Response: Foreword by Christopher Breward

Prompt: Choose any 2 of Christopher Breward’s aphorisms from Foreword. Explain what each of the two aphorisms means in your own words and explain why you agree or disagree with them.


Fashion moves in space and time. It shares in the complexity of physics and mathematics, making patterns and networks, forming mazes and constellations. Through its forms we have an opportunity to re-unite art and science and to heal the rift between the two cultures.

I think this aphorism connects a lot to the first chapter of our textbook; It uses the both/and mentality rather than the either/or mentality. Rather than choosing between art or science as means of creating, fashion must use the two in order to get a desirable outcome. When an artist combines the two, a piece of work becomes a lot stronger because it includes two sources of inspiration.


Fashion is intensely personal, in the same way that poetry is intensely personal. It is a medium through which personal stories can be told, memories re-lived and futures foretold.

This aphorism talks about using art and fashion to convey personal stories. I agree with this because I’m the kind of designer that uses my own personal experience as inspiration to my art. I believe that when art connects to a viewer on a more personal level, the art instantly becomes more impactful because it’s not longer an ordinary piece. It actually means something to the viewer. It makes the viewer think and react in ways that, for example, a basic painting of a landscape would.

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