The Ever Expanding

I imagine all the walls in my partner for this project, Yvonne Wang, to expand like how she continues to live in her space and grow as a person. As she once said, she would fill up all of the walls by the time she leaves, transforming the original living space to her own.

The images are made up of all the photos that I took in her room, including the posters and her own artworks on the walls and the particular details that I noticed in the general display. The positions of the photos reflected how I located her personal items.

The lid of the paper box represents the ceiling since she also spoke about filling up not only the walls but the ceiling as well.

The cotton aims to capture the presence of fog, the humidity created by the humidifier in her room.

The outer layer of the box is decorated with dark blue folded fabric, showing a color used in one of her tablecloths. I want to recapture her idea of decorating her boxes that she has kept after purchasing Ikea products. This specific piece of fabric has been chosen to reflect the layers of how she organizes her room, which includes both the aesthetics and the functionalities.