Critic Personae for Integrated Seminar

Persona 1: Buckley Rose

A small, strong willed Irish man from Queens. Lives alone with his Cat in a modest apartment littered with jazz sheet music and various Dali prints. Is very critical of art that is not of a high level. Likes art that reflects real life in at least some aspect.

Buck creates a piece that lacks a connection to the real world with Priscilla. The piece utilizes curvy and irregular shapes that interact with a portrait of a girl. Frivolous doodles take up the upper half of the rectangular piece where the bottom is mostly taken up by a pen portrait of a girl with blue hair. The piece is awkwardly divided in half, the transition from top to bottom lacks grace and the two components lack harmony. The two elements remain somewhat unrelated, it seems as if they might be two entirely different pieces. The portrait of the girl does not relate to the shapes and the lines do not compliment the girl.



Persona 2: Penelope Brown

A lanky woman with French roots living in Los Angeles. Spends time at the beach, likes green juice, goes on frequent but leisurely hikes. Enjoys Basquiat and Pollock but is open to most new artists she encounters.

Bucks Priscilla gracefully intertwines playful doodles and a portrait of a young girl. The top of the piece is solely taken up by calligraphy-esque squiggles and shapes, and the portrait of the girl with blue hair takes up the better part of the bottom of the drawing. The piece evolves as it is looked at, the two components gracefully intertwining and communicating before the viewers eyes.

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