Artist Statement Networked Self

These collages depict two versions of myself: the real self and the networked self. To the left, I showed my real self through photos of my family and friends and photos of myself as a child. I feel that my real self is mostly comprised of these people, and that I am my realest self when I’m around them. The top left corner reads “Girl don’t like being told what to do” which is a statement that continues to ring true for me throughout my life. The collage is also decorated with gold doodles, which are a signature component of most of my art pieces. The collage to the right depicts my networked self. It is riddled with brand names and slogans which have popped up as ads on my computer and phone. The photo of myself in the middle is cut in half and slightly misaligned to portray the fact that this self doesn’t line up with who I truly am.

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