Narrative of Online Activity

Moments after Puma’s 10:45 alarm went off her attention gravitated towards Instagram and all the posts and stories she had missed while she was asleep. The view from her dorm window on that 80 degree morning was bright and clear, she had a perfect view of the buildings across from her on 13th street. She routed the time it would take her to walk to the school cafeteria to see if she’d have time to get breakfast before her 12pm art class. After talking on the phone with her Mom from whom she’d missed a call the night before, she hurriedly followed the quickest directions toward her school. While eating her breakfast, she searched the web for a new pair of shoes and a winter coat that she knew she would need during the brutally cold winters of new york. The cafeteria and her class were in the same building, so she just had to look to her school website to see which classroom the class would take place in. During class, she listened to Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen as she worked on the project she had been assigned, for which she researched various pictures of stained glass windows and cathedral murals. Once she finished with class, a friend messaged her and asked to meet for lunch, so she routed to a close restaurant with the best reviews. While at lunch, they talked about the situation of the boycott of Nike by certain people who took offense to their newest campaign, and looked up some of the reactions that people were having. After Puma routed back to her dorm, she settled down with her computer and watched compilations of shows from the last fashion week and checked the Postmates app for nearby pizza. She then decided it would be ridiculous to Postmates pizza from four blocks away and decided to walk there. The rest of her night consisted of writing a narrative for one of her classes in her dorm room, until she drifted off to sleep listening to the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever on her airpods.

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