Essay on Style

All of my favorite artists hold that title for me because they evoke the most emotion when I observe their work. They each maintain a very special connection to me because the craft and style of their work allows me to partly believe it was made specifically for me. While this group of artists’ work is far from similar to each other, they all possess specific qualities of their style that separate them from any other artist’s work.

Frederic Chopin is always the first name to come to mind when I’m asked to think about my favorite artists. Perhaps he holds a special place in my heart because I was exposed to his work at the young age of five, but I truly believe that the craft of his pieces is unlike any other composer. For me the most special thing about his work is the way in which each of his pieces pays attention to flow and harmony, and therefore allows the listener to be completely lost in the sound.

Another artist whose craft focuses on flow and harmony is architect Jacques Couëlle. The flow within each of the houses he designs is created by his innovative use of shapes and color (or lack thereof). His houses look clean and simultaneously feel raw and true to whatever materials are present. His designs are so iconic because of their simplicity and emphasis on organic shapes.

Harley Weir embodies what it means to pay attention to space in art and to create flow within a piece. Each of her photos captures and accentuates the beauty of whatever the subject is. What’s so special and iconic about the composition of her photos is the attention to the way that color and space between objects can evoke emotion. She composes every photo so perfectly while still capturing every bit of the essence and life of each of her subjects.

Azzedine Alaïa creates some of the most impeccably crafted pieces through fashion that beautifully emphasize whatever body or model they are hung upon. Alaïa’s attention to the smallest detail causes his pieces to be immediately recognizable and identifiable even though they are often simple and minimalistic.

Each of these artists pays great attention to detail and harmony within the elements of their work. Their styles are recognizable and impactful while simultaneously being timeless and classic. I hope to one day properly emulate their style in my work, but for the time being I use them as a goal and try to use pieces of their style and incorporate it into mine. I try to pay great attention to the detail of my work and put emphasis on flow and the space in my pieces. As each of these artists do for me, I hope to evoke emotion through my art by making each aspect of my work intentional and paying attention to the small details.

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