movie poster project proposal

The year is 1990, when our main character is released from the prison she’s been held in for the past few years. The world she is opened up to is far different from the one she left when she was incarcerated. Little does she know, the world has been taken over entirely by cyborgs and the only reason she has survived is due to the protection of the high-security prison she’s been kept in. The story follows this main character as she interacts with this new world and falls in love with one of the beings in it without the knowledge that she is one of the few humans left.

The movie poster will combine different mediums to both portray the two main characters and this new world that has emerged. It will reflect the style of the era that it is set in as well as more futuristic aspects. We will photograph both Puma and Sierra and merge their two faces together to create the distorted image of a cyborg. The background will depict the world that the movie takes place in. The movie poster will appear in all black and white.

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