Inhabited Space Project Descriptive Outline

This is a inhabited space provide for people to do meditation or practice and learn about Buddhism. I have researched about some traditional Chinese temples such as Song Yue Si and Da Zhao Si. During the research I found that most of the temples have the sculpture of Buddha or other gods for people to worship. They always huge and tall, thus create a kind of solemn and respectful atmosphere. It gives me inspiration to make a extremely large Buddha head as a interactive architecture that people can seat inside or around, to meditation, embrace the infinite power and clean their spirit. The tower aside is inspired by the traditional Buddha tower in the temples that used to symbolize the merit of this god. I choose to make with a mirror like material, that people can see the reflection of themselves through the tower, for any angles. The floors are made with clear, transparent glass and connected with black thin wire, decorated with some blue beads. I want to make this tower really clear and crystalized. The tower is really minimal, geometric, but the Buddha head structure is more complex and mechanical, however, they goes well together as they both deliver a peaceful, futuristic vibe. I imagine the rain water can gathered in this huge container build around these two architectures. Thus people can experience walking above the water and surround by water. Because water is a really spiritual, energy element that can help people meditation and make the whole place more beautiful and spectacular. I intend to make this space more free and interactive, so people can seat and stay at whatever, they want. I imagine people standing on the crystal round step stone recite poetry and scriptures, sitting on the floor outside the tower reading books, listening to the monk teaching inside the huge Buddha head, or just walking around enjoying the view. I choose several Buddha sketches and photos of the sea and incorporate in the backside of the Buddha’s head. This head was made with several small pieces of sheet metal connected together. I want to create a cluttered, broken look, thus I randomly cut several small pieces of the photos and put them on the sheet metal. I believe every people will have their own preference of what they want to do at this place, my hope is that everyone can enjoy this spiritual, beautiful space and get something from it.

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