objectification of women

inspired by blind date corner/marriage market of Shanghai People’s Park

cultural stigma of tying value of women with marriage and reproduction in China

Women who is considered “leftover” women face great pressure from the society and their family.


objectification and dehumanization of women

those tags are more than just categorizing and stereotyping. They objectify women and deprive women of their own individuality and personality in some way.

This piece is inspired by Didi Chuxing, the largest ride sharing platform who purchased Uber China two years ago. The company let drivers comment on passengers on driver’s end. Many comments are sexist and about their appearance.Male drivers tag female passengers by their appearance and what they wear.


1.3D model in Maya

2.3D print



3.making tags




Take form of arcade to let audience engage with the narrative even though there are no big difference between choosing yes and choosing no.The thermal printer enables audience to take the story home with them. Placing QR code at the end of the narrative means audience would be curious to check it out for validation and they can see the report of the original story to know more about the victim’s story.


feedback: not a wizard of oz prototype; visual cluster; develop further




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