LP8: Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

designer:  Huipil and skirt

name of the object:  Museum Trust

origin: Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca Mexico

season/year: before 1954

  1. I first noticed the headband. It reminds me of roses.
  2. It is wearable. This outfit can be wear from head to the bottom, it has a head accessory, a top, and a skirt.
  3. I think Frida would have to wear this outfit to some of her major events.
  4. This outfit is a complex combination of Frida’s Mexican-ness and political beliefs and was also a strategy against prying in response to her disabilities. The square cut tunic, the huipil, did not ride up when she was seated and provided enough room to comfortably accommodate medical corsets. The dress provides a solution for Frida to express herself.
  5.  This does transform the notion of beauty in our time since itself is a very complex combination of political beliefs and Frida’s Mexican-ness.
  6. Cotton was used when they put together.
  7. This item is a combination of Frida’s Mexican-ness and her political belief, and also a strategy against prying in response to her disabilities.

designer/creator: Banco de Mexico Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo

name of the object: Lace headdress and skirt

origin: Juchitan Oaxaca, Mexico

season/year: before 1954

  1. I first notice the lace of this object. It reminds me of a wedding dress.
  2. It is wearable, it is worn as a dress with a veil.
  3. The garment is worn during Mass and on other ceremonial occasions, it could also be worn for the church, weddings, and processions.
  4. This transforms the notion of beauty at the time because when this created there wasn’t anything like this.
  5. This garment looks like an old fashion wedding dress, it gives us the inspiration of how wedding dress looks like in the past.
  6. machine-made lace, cotton, and ribbon were used when they put together.
  7. This garment says about Frida that she is a faithful lady.


name of the object: Huipil (Tunic)

origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

season/year: before 1954

  1. I first noticed the color choice of this outfit, it reminds me of Gina and Vietnam.
  2. It is wearable. It is worn on the body on the top to the bottom.
  3. This garment is to dress as a Tehuana, she affirmed her identification with Mexico and its artistic legacies.
  4. I don’t think this transform notion of beauty at this time, it looks like a regular Mexico outfit.
  5. It could since this is more like a traditional garment, it does inspire modern fashion little.
  6. Semisynthetic and cotton with the machine were used when they make this item.
  7. This garment says about Frida’s identity.

I was told not to take photos when I was trying to:(

fashion object: a necklace of Obsidian Blades

date: 1492(blades)

creator: assembled by Frida Kahlo

material: Obsidian, cotton, and metal

art object:  fruit of the earth

date: 1938

artist: Frida Kahlo

medium: oil on Masonite

The art piece reminds me of  the necklace because the painting itself has a glory background; it reminds me of the shinniness on blades.




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