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This week of just hoarding trash has been a tough one for me. The amount of empty soda cans and left overs from the cafeteria engulfed the small dorm with its stench. I was so glad to be able to throw out the trash this week because the clutter was just too much to handle at one point.

Photo Composition:

I set up my trash against a black backdrop to highlight how dirty some of these items really are. The soda stained ups are loosely stacked on top of each other to create a dumpster landfill perspective. Trash is all around us and we are blind to just the amount of clutter and dirt that gets collected from waste. The empty cardboard lunch box is surrounded by the used napkins to show the spread of trash that gets created by just consuming one meal. That one meal required the excessive use of all of those napkins. Finally, the utensils that are resting on top of the mound of trash is to represent the carelessness I had for when I was created this waste.

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