Intro to Fashion Studies: #1

The two aphorisms that I chose from the reading was:

1.) “Fashion is gossip. Never underestimate the power of gossip.”

Fashion is what everyone talks about. What the latest trends are, what is the newest thing that celebrities are wearing, what people might think of one another, etc. I believe in this aphorism because fashion styles/choices can lead to problems and drama. For example, when Nike debuted their new campaign starring Collin Kappernick the whole world was enraged. A simple decision can result in enormous consequences due to peoples’ beliefs, which leads to the spread of gossip and false claims. I believe that fashion and gossip intertwine because whenever a new collection from a major brand releases everyone is bound to express their individual beliefs on the collection. In result, this spread of multiple different perspectives can be manipulated into deceiving  people, which ends up in a failure for the brand. So many people starting boycotting Nike brands because of their different stance on whether using Kappernick as the face of Nike’s campaign was the right move or not.

2.) “Fashion can be about confirmation, of self, and others. But also about anxiety, ambiguity, and worry.”

People dress to impress. It’s a given. Everyday we wake up and combine different garments that result in a overall stunning look. Why do we do this? Because we are scared. We as humans have the desire of being accepted. So, we wear things that make people take a second look, we invest in overpriced clothing because they have a popular brand names embroidered into them, and we buy things that will make us look and feel good. I agree with this aphorism because it speaks the truth. Some people might dress for comfort, but majority of the human population dresses to impress, whether it be themselves or others.

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