Fashion Advertisement- LP Post #2

The fashion advertisement that I chose was the brand that goes by the name “Tomboyx.” This brand is specifically targeting an audience who do not feel as if they fit in the standards of what is considered to be an “traditional gender binary person.” In fact, this fashion brand is advertising the idea that being different is considered beautiful, and that everyone should embrace and accept them for the person that they truly are. On their website, they define the word tomboy in their own words. “An individual who dresses and behaves the way that boys are expected to.” This directly goes against the traditional gender binary standards because of the fashion brand’s decision to market clothing that resembles the men aesthetic to a women audience. I believe that this brand is very brave and ambitious to take a step into trying to change how people should view those who seem different from them. The goal of this fashion advertisement was purely to break the constraints of society which encourage all genders to stay within their own marked gender aesthetic. However, I do believe that some might be hesitant at first when deciding whether or not to take up this newly found style. As stated on page 123 in Susan Kaiser’s text, “Fashion and Cultural Studies,” Kaiser explains that, “Masculinity is taken much more seriously than femininity, and that the idea of men’s fashion itself has been framed as a contradictory space.” I believe this quote can connect towards Tomboyx because some of those whom practice the traditional gender binary lifestyle might judge those who decide to fully embrace their true identities. What also contributes to the uneasiness of what non-traditional gender binary brands create is the matter of cultural anxiety. Cultural anxieties happen whenever one feels out of place within their habitus, or when someone questions why their habitus is structured the way that it is. Fortunately, Tomboyx is all about giving their audience the opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of social boundaries. To conclude, I believe that the fashion brand Tomboyx advertises a collection of garments that do not fit within the standards of what would be considered “traditional,” and that they do subvert traditional gender binary norms.

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