In the beginning of the semester, we were given the opportunity to share what our particular views were when it came to discussing what exactly is fashion. My perspective upon the topic has changed immensely when compared to the viewpoints I had in the beginning of the semester. This is due to learning what elements are all involved when active in the fashion industry. For example, clothing items would have no meaning or any type of symbolism without a designer behind the garment. Fashion would not be present without the design elements and creative thought process from a designer. As stated in the reading by Kawamura, ” Designers personify “fashion” that is timely, up-to-date and considered desirable.” I translated this quote into my own words: designers are what keeps fashion alive and thriving. Before diving into this course, I believed that fashion was purely just the act of creating a cohesive ensemble from a group of garments. However, I now realize that fashion beholds so much more weight than just making us look good everyday. “There is an interconnection between the production and consumption of fashion” (Kawamura, 2.) Fashion is also heavily dependent not only on the designer themselves, but also the production and commercial side as well. To conclude, my perspective upon “what is fashion” has changed drastically when compared to my initial thoughts on the topic because of the several elements that I learned this year. Fashion is contained of several different variables, yet all come together to make a successful and thriving fashion system.

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