Mind Map- Int. Studio 1

Mind map

My partner for this project, Boram Seo has selected the painted and stained leaded glass piece, “Miriam and Jubal” from the Metropolitan Museum of Art as her final chosen piece for the peer-to-peer project. The three possible ideas from which Boram has selected the first one, is as follows:

Stained Glass Jewelry Box – If there is one accessory Boram likes, its watches. Specifically watches by Patek Phillipe.I thought of making a stained glass jewellery box for her to put her watches in. The patterns for the jewellery box would include a mix of peonies because that is Boram’s favorite flower and the renaissance style patterns since the art piece selected was made during that era.

Stained Glass Suncatchers – I chose suncatchers because I felt that it would be a nice decorative gift for Boram to have in her room. They also look best effective when used with stained glass paints.

Stained Glass Coat Hangar- I thought of making a coat hangar decorated with peonies for Boram to use in different shades of blue, as that is also her favorite color.


2/22 – 23 – Make a sketch of the patterns into my sketchbook and draw them onto glass.


2/24 – 25 – Go to workshop and cut out certain areas of the glass I don’t need.


2/25- 27 – Paint in the patterns.


2/27- 28 – Assemble jewellery box.

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