Final TIME project

Final TIME project


For my final TIME project, our class was asked to make a one-minute film based on any topic that we could choose, and incorporating all the skills we learned from the course in the entire semester.


My idea was to film a documentary of one of my suitemates and her passion for music and playing the violin. A lot of preparation went into setting up the entire project, and is as follows:


First rough sketch

Firstly, I had to come up with a rough outline that documented my suitemate, Zihan Zheng’s short film. I made a small sketch to put down my ideas before I began researching the best camera equipment materials for filming.IMG_1857 (1)

I wanted to begin with filming Zihan just talking about how she got into playing the violin, and so to make it more easier for her to talk about it, I came up with a rough script on Word with questions about her life and music. I also had to film her playing the violin so I chose different views around the school that had colored walls and was empty so we could film from different angles and perspectives to make the video more engaging.


Material Investigation

I wanted to use appropriate camera equipment for this project, so that I could accurately record the sound and video quality.

From the discussions in class, and the practice session we had in class on filming a video, and the different angles we can capture- coming up with a list was easier.

My rough list included renting a

Lapel Mic

Shotgun mic (with a basic windscreen) for indoor filming

A softie camera – for outdoor filming


An SLR camera

Out of those I ended up renting only the Lapel Mic, Tripod and a Sony NX70U HD Camcorder Kit, which included a UV filter, and an onboard mic for sound as it was finals week and everybody was renting out equipment at the same time.


Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.36.16 AM


After filming both the video and sound, I made Zihan record her entire musical piece she chose to play for the film in the music room we have in our dorms. I attached the wireless lapel mic onto her tshirt , and continued recording.




Finally, after assembling all of clips I started with the process of editing. I had to make a short storyboard outline to lay everything out and make it easier to refer to something while editing on Adobe Premier Pro.


Zihan Story board-rough assembly of clips


story board final time

The final outcome


(link to video)



This project definitely helped me move away from the usual mundane methods of taking a video through my phone and editing it on IMovie apps in one go. I enjoyed this two-week adventure of figuring out techniques and the importance of angles while filming. Editing the video really made me realize the importance of creating a storyline, and how the beginning, middle and end play a huge importance in creating a better understanding of a film. Trying to edit this under a minute was a challenge because of the amount of clips I shot and had to reduce, but overall I am grateful for this experience because it made me want to dive deeper into the realm of directing and editing, and maybe even considering taking a minor in film.


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