Assignment – “Who’s Story is this Anyways”

When I was young, I distinctly remember looking up into the bright blue sky on a partly cloudy day at a gleaming airplane passing by. I particularly noticed it because it made its way through thick densed clouds and created a speedy swishing sound as it passed by. It was a scorching hot day, and I asked my brother beside me if he saw what I was seeing. He immediately told me that since it was extremely hot, and since the temperatures around the country increasing rapidly with it also being the summer, that the planes were dropping in bags of salt into the clouds to induce condensation to make it rain.

Talking about it my brother again, we got into a discussion about climate change. Since Dubai is in the Middle East, it has average temperatures that each up to 50 degrees celsius (122 degrees farenheit). With global warming on the rise, countries and cities all over the world are taking efforts to combat extreme conditions like the one we we faced. And should it continue to rise, questions like how the industrial sectors and the government that may have contributed to the issue might combat the problem. It could be achieved with similar techniques of “cloud seeding” or a unified discussion at the UN to take action together achieving a wider impact on a bigger scale.


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