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the stars ~

For my story I wanted to illustrate a poem and make it interactive. I chose AE Housman’s the Stars because of its flow and imagery. When I finished the sketch I was dissatisfied with the static imagery so I found an even better poem about stars by AE Housman and started on a second sketch with cooler interactions. That code is the last code.
First I created a font to be included in the sketch

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.42.23 PM

Wanted it to have an inky angular artsy struggle feeling as the poem does.

Then I set up a photocell that takes light information and flashes the poem’s text to the screen (original intention was for text to fade in but I haven’t gotten the alpha controls totally there yet)
Next I recorded an audioplayback of myself reading the poem to be included in the sketch as part of the interactivity.

A final touch – the pointer became a brain, so when you get to the “guts in the head” line of the poem the webcam reads the user’s head mvmt input and moves the brain around the screen in conjunction

11 Interactivities:

1. key pressed: song/ audio book play
2. pointer: brain follows along head mvmt
3. mouseclicked- cursor disappears
4. mousereleased – a shooting star
5. key pressed: left arrow – back screen
6. key pressed: right arrow- forward screen

7. hardware: photocell triggered by user starts text

8. key pressed: song/audiobook pauses

9. L key pressed: set color changes

10. K key pressed: background image is removed

11. key pressed: webcam videos removed from screen


New Interactivity:
1.mouse x = pupil movement (stars I have seen them fall)
2. mouse clicked (star falls)
3. keypressed (varies length of star’s trail)
4. arrow to move back

5.arrow to move forth
6.mouseY = (speed of star fall)
7. pointer draws curtain (mortality)
8. guis to control particle system (the star sown sky)

9. mouse mvmt (strews salt around the salty sea)

//to be completed
10. video speed up based on mouse dragged (video needs to be made)
11.keypressed UP (moves star back up)
12. hardware– maybe LEDS of Mp3 Shield
Sneak Peek:


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