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January 28 Thesis 2 Class Notes

Is your experience easy to use?

If the solar cells are pre-connected and constructed, it would be easy to use: place the structure in a window and plug phne or external battery into the passive solar charger.

However, if the cells are meant to be put together by others, then there is a lot more to be explained: physics, chemistry, and material basics as well as botany, dye extraction, and circuit design. Because my project is meant to be easy for non-scientists to use, it would require an entire curricula to break down everything.

How will you teach the user?

I have been putting together resources & documents describing my methods and protocols for creating the cells, but I’m also planning to make a handful of short animations to help visualize some of the more complex concepts. The animations will be hand drawn and digitally assembled.

What adjectives describe the feeling or approach?

List as many works as you can then narrow it down to three

STEAM curricular solar art magical luminescent sustainable flowers natural dye mystic

education glassy transparent stained glass mosaiced tiled colorful complex illuminating

These three words: magical, mystic, and illuminating describe my project best because they encompass the complex shroud of material interactions that are working in tandem to create the solar cell conversion of light to electricity, illuminating the poem that will be incorporated into the piece (so it is not just function in converting sunlight into electricity, but also functional as an art piece with deeper meaning speculating about the future in the Anthropocene). I think the words also describe the curiosity I aim to illicit from the viewer in how the piece works, and the didactic elements that can be drawn from the work.

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