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Curriculum Development: 10 User Questions

1. What is the difference between absorption and adsorption?
2. What is an electrode? Compare + Contrast Anodes & Cathodes
(Anodes: Negative terminal of the cell. In DSC, it is the sintered titanium end
Cathodes: Positive Terminal of the Cell In DSC, it is the carbon or platinum deposited end )
3. Describe HUMO & LUMO, use illustrations if helpful.
4. What is a band gap?
5. Describe current, voltage, and resistance and the units in which they are measured.
6. Using the cross-sectional diagram the solar cell + word bank provided, list all the parts of the solar cell.

7. Applying what you know about the dye in solar cells, how would the cell work if there was no dye on the titanium?
8. What is the difference between the ruthenium based dye cell and a NDSSC?
9. Defend the use of silicon solar cells vs NDSC or vice versa.
10. Using your knowledge of solar cells, sketch how a plant might use sunlight to survive. Identify the parts of the plant that are relevant.

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