I Remember

  1. I remember putting my hands over my crush’s hand in pre-k
  2. i remember telling my best friend in Barnard that i didn’t know how to tell my crush i liked him
  3. i remember finding out that my first crush isn Barnard was actually a boy that i liked and met for what i thought the first time in 10th grade
  4. i remember when i burned the corner of my mouth and chest when i was little trying to help my mom cook
  5. i remember breaking my neighbor’s window while playing kickball
  6. i remember scaring my knee when i was riding my bike on a rock field parking lot
  7. i remember the big thick flower tree in my front yard
  8. i remember trying to climb the tree with my upstairs neighbor
  9. i remember staring outside my bedroom window and seeing a peaceful neighborhood
  10. i remember my first kiss in 8th grade in the stop N shop pet aline
  11. i remembering him breaking my heart towards the end of 8th grade
  12. i remember collecting cans with my friend in 7th grade to get enough money for her to go to our “teen nights”
  13. i remember getting my first hand reading entering 8th grade
  14. i remember seeing my parents marriage fall apart
  15. i remember finding out my friend, after a year of battling cancer, he finally died during my friends birthday
  16. i remember not answering his last text
  17. i remember finding out he was in my town a week before he passed
  18. i remember when sandy hit and “halloween was postponed”
  19. i remember that being a total lie because there was about like 5 million people in my front yard
  20. i remember my first drunken night
  21. i remember my mom picking me up and all she said in a crying voice was “ why would you do this?’
  22. i remember landing in Bahamas for spring break
  23. i remember every detail during that break
  24. i remember making this guy pay for my five dollar water bottle
  25. i remember i remember meeting my best friend over a bunny
  26. i remember getting my first job ex
  27. i remember going on my first cruise ship in 8th grade
  28. i remember seeing the most beautiful land ever in the Cayman Island
  29. I remember landing in Jamaica
  30. i remember spending new years with my ex’s boyfriend’s family
  31. i remember finally wearing makeup in 10th grade
  32. i remember being called in the house principle office when i was running for homecoming queen because people were really petty
  33. i remember basically staring a riot in school because i couldn’t run anymore
  34. i remember having the worst 13 birthday party
  35. i remember my friend doing a backflip off the stage during spring break
  36. i remember scaring and hurting my hip chasing after my sister
  37. i remember finally visiting Chicago after 8 years
  38. i remember finally visiting Mexico after four years
  39. i remember getting my dog in 3rd grade and him being as white as the floor
  40. i remember finding out he died while my dad and sister were arguing
  41. i remember seeing a cat just randomly appear in my house
  42. i remember how i stared watching Adventure Time
  43. i remember seeing my friend getting caught stealing and trying to make me take the blame
  44. i remember finding out my appendix had to be remove in the first week of 6th grade
  45. i remember finding out i got accepted in college
  46. i remember graduating high school
  47. i remember taking the DARE course in elementary school
  48. i remember going to my high school’s football  final state section AA1 game and being one game away from being state champs:(
  49. i remember homecoming
  50. i remember Senior BBQ

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