Urban Object / Figure Collage Project : Analog / Digital Abstract

Third assignment

Urban Object / Figure Collage Project :
Analog / Digital Abstract



//Objects simple gradation:
My inspiration comes from Chinese cartoon. I create a image of the god of love. She has really long hair, and she is really sad because there are less true love in the world now. I specially use brushes to drew my image to  make the feeling of  ancient Chinese painting.
//Figure simple gradation:
I decided to drew a girl who plays sky yoga. I want to show the gradation not just from color, but also from gestures, so you can find the difficulty of the gesture is improving. In order to draw human body better, I made a position sketch first using ps. It helps me understand the proportion of body better.
//Complex gradation:
I choose flying yoga as my theme again. The painting tells the story of a girl who loves flying yoga, but she got hurt, so there are bands on her leg in the first picture. She tried a lot and was able to fly at last. Since bands and ribbons are in similar shapes, I connected these two things together. To express passion of the girl for flying yoga. I drew shadows inside of girl’s body. The ribbon and her are really connect eventually.



First, I started to paint 4in*4in squares





Then I drew a basic sketch, which is just some shapes





I drew more details on the bodies, and also add shadows.





Because there are lots of hands in my drawing, so I did some experiments about hands.




Then I use different kinds of pens to draw my work.



Here is my final work

  .Objects simple gradation

.Figure simple gradation

.Complex gradation

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