Wire Word

Studio: Memory

Second assignment

Wire Word

‘We identify the meaning of each word and analyze it.
Then, we pick the meaning of each word shown in the whole sentence



                               used specially before a none


                                       Railroads, a self-propelled, connected rolling stock


                                                  to exist or live, the past tense


After analyzing each word, we design the typeface according to the meanings.
We decide to connect all three words together.



Since “the” is like a foundation in the sentence, we design it to make it like a frame, and it is three dimensional, so it looks more powerful.
Train is always moving, so we design “train” in a fluent way,  and make the words looks like they are flowing.
To combined three words, we try to make “was” looks like  the steam from the train, and make it really fluffy. In this way, “was” can represent steam, also it can show the time is in the past.
We just draw them on paper at first and the result is not good. The shape of the word is not clear, so we design the words on the computer, print them out, and do some interesting collages.
Then, we create the words using wire at the base of the printed words
“The” is the most difficult one, because we make it in 3D, and we need to make it very clean and clear in order to show the frame. So we try in lots of ways. We decide to connect each part with little hook and roll them tightly together with thiner wires. 
 Here is our final work
In the whole process, we were always trying the best solution, and we got lots of experience from it. We know the best tools to deal with wire, we learn to connected wires in an elegant way, and  we know how to print our work in a bigger size. It is all about learning and progressing. I used to think the final work is the most important thing, but I feel the process is also important, because we could learn from it and use the experience of it into the next work.



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