emotion potrait

Emotion Portrait




First, I chose these two photos as my emotion portrait, and did some filters on.












I wanted to combine the halos with photos, I used halos to enhance the feature of my face.





I made these two sketches, but the proportion of the face was not right at that time, and I did some practices.






  After finishing my sketches, I add the first layer of watercolor. I wasn’t not so satisfied with my first try.





I did some practices again, and I thought about the way of painting eyes and lips at the same time to create my own style





.After few round of trying, I was able to use colors in a more clean and clear way, here is the comparison.


               .Here are some sketches.













/I wanted to use watercolor to create the feeling of halo in my final work/
            I did two version of my final work, and I chose the one just pained one eye because it can express my emotion better.

Then I scan the painting and use photoshop to so some changes.
Here is my first final work


I added the feeling of halos intentionally on this piece.


/However, I was not satisfied with this piece, so I redo it again./




This time, I minimize the feeling of halo, and used more diversity of colors




.I painted the feature of my face in few different ways, in the shadow, or in the light, and I changed the color of my painting and made a collection.



Because the emotion in this painting is kind of helpless,
so I made it the feeling of broken glass, but still keep the full part of my right eye to express the feeling.
Here is my final work


I got some inspirations again, I love the texture of crystal, and I think my personality is kind of like “crystal”.
It looks strong, but actually very delicate inside, therefore, I combined crystal with my portrait.
I also think crystal is a shine and light material, so I place it at the light part of my portrait.




The End

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